Trucks and Trouble! is the fifth episode in Season 1 of Sodor's Tales!


We start with meeting Gordon at his named hill, broken down and cross. Offended by his driver, Gordon remembers his accident earlier that day...

We cut back several weeks, where, with Henry at the works having his overhaul and Spencer retuned to the Mainland, Gordon is tasked with working Henrys' goods trains. First hesitant about it, he learns that he enjoys goods trains for their quiet appeal. The engines are pleased for his quiet behaviors, but it doesn't last. Gordon soon complains about the trucks to BoCo at a signal, who leaves before giving his answer. Gordon starts to leave, but a trucks' brakes catches on, as followed by numerous incidents with goods trains. Later one night, he moans to the other engines as well, until James tells him to stop. Gordon brags about his pride, with the trucks overhearing his complaints about them.

The next day, Gordon starts another goods train, with the trucks who overheard him the night before. They start well, but at Gordon's' Hill, the trucks hold back, and pushes him on at the top of the hill, causing his accident. Gordon derailed into a hedge, his train following him, as the trucks tease him, and the crew call for assistance. Gordon continues to boast to his driver, when Henry arrives and overhears the conversation with the breakdown crane. Henry helps him back to the rails, and left in a siding to wait.

We return to Gordon that night, where he complains for Henry to return. When the green engines finally arrives, Gordon is taken to the sheds, where he's met with the Fat Controllers' scolding, of Gordon's' bad behavior, and leaves Gordon with a warning. The engines tease the big engine about the incident, leaving Gordon in silence for the night.


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◾This episode replaced Overworked, which has now been scrapped.