Toby is a steam tram that is No. 7 on the NWR. He work on Thomas's Branchline on the Ffarquhar Quarry line with his good friends Mavis, Percy, Thomas and Duck.


Toby was built by Statford Works in 1914 and lived on a harbour in Yarmouth, Norfolk with his brothers until moved to an unnamed tramline. In 1951 the line closed and Toby was locked up in the shed when his crew opened the doors with a letter from a familiar stout gentleman and was sent to sodor on Thomas' branch.

Later he teased Diesel about his past mishaps and incidents.


Toby is a wise old steam tram who is kind, careful, and has a large amount of knowledge of running Branchlines and pulling trains. He is very brave, and always there for his friends when they need him the most, and doesn't let anybody bother him about his looks and age. Even though they are rivals at times, James and Toby have learned to respect each other now matter how much they squabble.

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