Splatter and Dodge are a bumbling pair of diesel shunters on the NWR, They currently do odd jobs around the island.


Splatter and Dodge were built in Derby Works in 1960 and were sent to assist in the shunting yards around the island. But they became sidekicks of Diesel 10 while trying to find Lady. Soon they grew tired of there boss and quit being his sidekicks and later when The Fat Controller had came back from his holiday he scolded the brothers and gave them a second chance if they don't cause any trouble!


Splatter and Dodge are fairly simple-minded and are prone to banter, But the two have minor different things as out of the latter Dodge is more intelligent while Splatter is more talkative.


The brothers were going to appear in Ep6 but they were cut and replaced by Arry and Bert. Whether the Brothers will actually appear in the series is unknown.

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