Salty is a dockside diesel on the NWR, He currently works at Brendam docks on Edward's Branchline.


Salty was built by Ruston and Hornsby in 1962 and sent to sodor to work at the quarry with Mavis, Bill and Ben. Now Salty loves to be nearby the sea but being in a quarry made him feel a little down but he knew that job was important Mavis was impressed on how Salty managed the trucks but Bill and Ben were a little jealous when the job had been finished The Fat Controller decided to send Salty to Brendam Docks and from then on Salty has been working there pushing or pulling trucks to and from the key.

Later Salty shunted the vans for The Flying Kipper that was being pulled by Spencer as Henry was away being mended, He complemented about the smell which the reaction he got gave Duck a chuckle as he rumbled pass. Spencer puffed off to quickly but then came to a halt as Salty blew his horn and told him to wait for a tail lamp!


Salty is friendly, easy-going and very practical. He loves to tell stories about the sea and fantasy, He accent and seafaring ways are ridiculed by other engines, But despite that his usefulness always sometimes helps the others overlooks that!

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