'S.C.Ruffey is a troublesome private owner wagon that was pull apart by Oliver many years ago on the NWR, He was leader of The Trucks and currently used to carry coal, stone and ballast around the island.


S.C.Ruffey was first sent to carry ballast to and throw on Duck's branchline and when Oliver came home after his accident in the turntable well, The trucks started to sing rude songs S.C.Ruffey was behind this and the singing continued all though the day. Toad who felt sorry for the little green engine spoke to Douglas about it and then came up with a plan. When Toad told the others Duck didn't know what to think of the plan but Oliver thought otherwise and it was soon arranged by the stationmaster. Oliver then massled the worst trucks two by two nearby Toad. Toad then told Oliver that if he left S.C,Ruffey till last he'll have him behind Oliver then he could bump him fi he starts his nonsense. So Oliver pulled the train with all his might and with a splitting crash S.C.Ruffey broke to bits leaving the truck scared for life. The Fat Controller inspected the broken truck. He decided to put him back together if he behaves himself.

Later he was then sent to a mineshaft and Percy shunted some more trucks there. S.C.Ruffey was placed in the wrong place and Percy was told to gave the trucks a good shove but as he did it was too fast and too hard. S.C.Ruffey broke free and ran out of control until crashing in one of the support beams being berried alive. Some of S.C.Ruffey's parts were salvaged and was rebuilt again once more.


S.C.Ruffey is rude, nasty and spiteful. He can be very irritable to deal with but after his accident he is now quiet truck and says nothing at all!

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