Neville & The Lively Livestock is the ninth episode of Sodor's Tales.


When Edward breaks down, Neville is ordered to take the livestock vans to market. But Neville has a secret fear of animals. Will he be able to get the job done before his nerves get the better of him.


NevilleDerekEdwardDieselJames (does not speak) ◾ Thomas (cameo) ◾ Gordon (cameo) ◾ Percy (cameo) ◾ Toby (cameo) ◾ Donald & Douglas (Douglas only, cameo) ◾ Oliver (cameo) ◾ Emily (cameo) ◾ BoCo (cameo) ◾ Old Slow Coach (cameo) ◾ Bulgy (cameo) ◾ Jack (cameo) ◾ Bulstrode (cameo) ◾ Cranky (cameo) ◾ Henry (mentioned) ◾ Bill & Ben (mentioned) ◾ Salty (mentioned)

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