Murdoch is a big goods engine on the NWR. He is one of the strongest there. He currently sees to the heavier goods trains on the mainline, but can be seen pulling expresses.


Murdoch was built at Crewe works in 1955 and worked on BR for goods work until withdrawal in 1962 Just when all hope was lost The Fat Controller found and preserved the 9F and took him to Island.

On his first two days on Sodor, He didn't appreciate the engines with there noisy railway but when he had an incident with some noisy sheep, He started to befriend the other engines practically Salty and Harvey.

He later teased D261 about bowler hats, Became a banker for Emily's Flying Kipper and after the accident she had with the train Murdoch comfort the strling in the works and told her that We do live and learn in the most uncomfortable situations.


Murdoch is strong, humble and sometimes rather shy. He prefers peace and quiet and does not like to draw attention himself in the chaotic yards. He's also quite reserved and proves to be useful.

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