Moderation is the third episode in Season 1 of Sodor's Tales!

It was co-written with George (SodorsNWRsteam).


One night, Emily is in the sheds having a rest. However, she is tired of resting and longs for something to do.

Edward soon arrives, pushing a forlorn Henry into the sheds, who explains that his firebars collapsed on his way to take the Flying Kipper. Emily, keen for something to do, asks if she can take it. Henry says yes, but tells her to be responsible if she is to do so. Emily dismisses it and puffs away, unaware that Edward has been watching. As she leaves, he mutters to himself, "She's in for trouble..."

At the docks, the Flying Kipper is waiting and Cranky grumbles as he unloads the fish. Emily couples up to the train, but it gets off to a bad start; the tracks are unclean and very slippery. The driver suggests sanding the rails, but Emily is confident. The vans keep her slipping and giggle in their silly way, but with a mighty jolt, the Stirling Single finally sets off.

The Kipper flies along the main line to Wellsworth, where Emily's driver whistles for a banker. Emily objects to the idea, as she is still determined. Just as her crew insists on having a back engine, Murdoch rolls in and gently buffers up to the Kipper. The cavalcade then sets off for Gordon's Hill.

When they reach the top, Murdoch's driver goes to uncouple him from the train. Emily doesn't notice this and sees it as a waste of time, so she jerks forward and speeds down the gradient on the other side, oblivious to Murdoch's shouts. Her driver notifies her that the brakes need to be applied, but before anyone can react (and true to Edward's words), the Kipper goes round the bend too fast and flies off the track; the leading vans surge on top of each other and Emily lies on her right side, shocked.

The next morning, the Fat Controller comes to visit a re-railed Emily and gives her a piece of his mind, noting her that there is a distinct difference between being determined and not doing what's logical.

Emily finds herself alone again; not in the sheds, but at Crovan's Gate being repaired. She wonders how she could have been so immature when Murdoch arrives. They exchange words until it is time for Murdoch to leave, but she continues to wonder about what the Standard 9F has said.


EmilyHenry ◾[[Edward ◾Murdoch ◾Cranky ◾The Fat Controller ◾James (does not speak) ◾Ben (cameo) ◾Percy (cameo) ◾Toad (cameo)


◾RosietheCutie1995 voices Emily for the first time! ◾There was a another shot of Emily backing towards The Flying Kipper but that had to be cut. ◾This marks Cranky's first and only speaking role to date. ◾This is second episode to have a crash!