Gordon The Banker is 10th episode of the Season 1 of Sodor's Tales.


When Edward is called away to the docks to help Salty, There is no engine available to takeover as a banker for Gordon's hill so the stationmaster calls The Fat Controller who goes to the sheds to find out that Gordon is the only engine around! Will Gordon get on the job or refuse to work altogether?


GordonEdwardDuckDerekBoCoBear ◾ The Fat Controller ◾ James (does not speak) ◾ Murdoch (does not speak) ◾ Oliver (cameo) ◾ Neville (cameo) ◾ Arry & Bert (cameos) ◾ Jack (cameo) ◾ Alfie (cameo) ◾Salty (mentioned)


◾This episode was released in November 2014. ◾This is the Season 1 finale. ◾Gordon's third speaking role.

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