George is the Grumpy old steamroller on the NWR . He is one of the rudest there. He currently lives at Jem cole's orchard with Trevor.


George was bought by some workmen in 1962 and was used to flatten down roads that are in need of flattering, George immediately conflicted the engines on the Skarloey Railway but after he got into an accident with Sir Handel pulling a few trucks while ramming into the train, George was sent away and leaving Sir Handel pleased.

He then caused Thomas to crash into a barn after telling the workmen to rip up the rails and tarmacked it, Later he blocked Duck's path while taking empties in the yard. The result was Gordon crashing into the last truck breaking into many pieces and then a few days later was punished by The Fat Controller for a whole week.

Later on, George is punished again when he nearly has an incident with Edward and a near-miss with Butch while Caroline.


George is grumpy, rude and rather inpertant towards the engines, hates the railways and thinks they should be ripped up and turned into roads.

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