Emily is a dark green engine on the NWR. She is one of last remaining members of her class and currently works on small passenger or goods trains on the mainline.


Emily was designed by Patrick Stirling and built by Doncaster Works in 1883. Once on GNR she handled the fast passenger and freight work until being replaced by bigger and more powerful locomotives (GNR C1 Atlantics) in 1898. Then in 1961 (being the only one of the class still in service) Emily was withdrawn and then purchased by the Fat Controller who took her to Sodor.

Later she took the flying kipper for Henry when his fire bars collapsed she was over confident and got herself in accident on Gordon's Hill. When at the works Murdoch came to comfort and tell her that: We do live and learn in the most uncomfortable situations.


Emily is kind, helpful and polite to her friends where ever she is, Emily can slightly be inpatient and a bit rude if someone does something wrong. Despite this Emily still stands tall and always try her best at everything she does.

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