Daisy is a diesel railcar on the NWR. She currently works on passenger services on Thomas' branch and sometimes takes the milk.


Daisy was built by 1960 and was sent to Sodor to assist on the Ffarquhar branch while Thomas was at the works. At first the railcar was hard to please for Toby and Percy and had them soothing Annie, Clarabel and Henrietta there feelings after Daisy say rude things about them! The next day Daisy was coupled up to milk van and wasn't too pleased about it, She then blew her fuse while shuddering and said her fitter told her that she was not allowed to pull anything and so was uncoupled from the van, Daisy then rolled away happy as can be.

When Percy had his predictment The Fat Controller scouled Daisy for her lasy and rather rude aittiude but gave Daisy another chance and nowadays Daisy is more polite to the engines.


Daisy was stubborn, hard to please and rather lazy. She can be boastful about being highly sprung and right up to date but after Percy's Predictament she has became a more hard working and reliable engine!

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