A Snobbish Return is the very first episode of Sodor's Tales.


The North Western Railway is finding life difficult, so the Fat Controller orders another engine to help the ever growing traffic on the line. Duck is the first to meet the newcomer, but to his horror he finds out that it is the Diesel that came to Sodor many years ago and got an inspector's bowler hat lodged in his air intake. The diesel eyes him up and recognizes the pannier, and soon starts to boast how up to date he is. Soon the signal changes and Duck puffs away feeling quite surprised.

Later he tells the others about D261 and what he said. They are shocked and not amused of his snobbish nature but Duck soon calms everything down and no more is said.

Meanwhile Bear is taking a maintenance train when he stops at a station. D261 is also there with a goods train. The diesel is surprised to see a Hymek, thinking this class is currently out of production. Bear growls angrily and tells the diesel he'll get his comeuppance one day. D261 leaves the platform in anger.

Later that day, D261 is at a station with a passenger express bound for Barrow-in-Furness. The guard blows the whistle but true to Bear's words, and to everyone's surprise, he doesn't move. D261's engine is found to have overheated, forcing his driver to go for help.

Gordon is returning with a goods train when he stops at a signal box and is told what happened to the diesel. The big blue engine arrives at the station and laughs at D261's predicament. The diesel groans as Gordon reverses down. The green flag shows and Gordon pulls the train away.

The Fat Controller speaks severely to D261 that night. He tells him that diesels like him are welcome as long as they work with the steam engines, not as rivals. The Class 40 will be staying in sheds until he can be trusted to behave. The Fat Controller turns and strolls away, leaving D261 with a lot to think about.



  • This episode marks D261's first appearance.
  • In the original script, Bear had a cameo.
  • This is the first time an engine's class is mentioned.